About R and C Engineering

Core Values


Through discussions with our clients and the project stakeholders, we will only proceed when we have a full understanding of the clients’ objectives and their criteria (benchmarks) for the success of each project, which enables us to help make our clients successful.


We respect our clients’ deadlines and their need for project specific deliverable formats. Giving our clients reports and correspondence in usable formats, and on-time, demonstrates the respect that they deserve.


There is usually more than one building repair strategy that is worth considering. Some clients seek short-term repair solutions to defer large capital expenditures, while others are looking for long-term solutions to renew building components. We present innovative strategies to enable our clients to make informed decisions.


We offer a flexible work environment, where employees get the opportunity to maximize their time doing the things that they like best; from roof-tops to underground garages, residential condominiums to industrial sites, construction review to marketing.

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